Month: February 2015

  • A call to the community to use RRO instead of CM’s theme manager

    So I have been meaning to write this up about using rro vs cm’s theme engine so let’s provide some back history and then explain how both systems work. Overlays have been supported in android for a very long time. Actually all the device trees in the android source code works by overlays (now know […]

  • Freeze or lock rows and columns

    To keep an area of a worksheet visible while you scroll to another area of the worksheet, you can lock specific rows or columns in one area by freezing or splitting panes. When you freeze panes, you keep specific rows or columns visible when you scroll in the worksheet. For example, you might want to […]

  • Windows 10 Coming to Raspberry Pi 2

    It’s hard to believe that a beast of an OS, Windows 10 can be skimped down enough to work on a raspberry Pi II. Now I’m all excited about that. Today the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the retail availability of their new board, the Raspberry Pi 2. We’re excited to join the Foundation in also […]

  • Resharper 9 shortcuts aka Cheatsheet

    I’ve found this cheatsheet to be the best way to learn all the secret shortcuts in Resharper that really help to speed up development in Visual Studio and make life easier.  For months I had it pinned to my cube wall until I used them so much they’re muscle memory. If you are coming from […]

  • Shortcut for Visual Studio Debug and Start New Instance

    Visual Studio -> Debug – Start new instance shortcut Yes, Its as simple as that.   Or If you want to save 5 mouse clicks every time. Continue reading…   Why do that? Because: – it’s a pain in the bucket to find the console/windows/web application project in solution explorer with your mouse if you […]