Month: July 2015

  • Reverse Engineering – Shellcodes Techniques

    Shellcode is named as it does since it is usually starts with a specific shell command. The shellcode gives the initiator control of the target machine by using vulnerability on the aimed system and which was identified in advance. Shellcode is in fact a certain piece of code (not too large) which is used as […]

  • How to Reverse the Code?

    Although revealing the secret is always an appealing topic for any audience, Reverse Engineering is a critical skill for programmers. Very few information security professionals, incident response analysts and vulnerability researchers have the ability to reverse binaries efficiently. You will undoubtedly be at the top of your professional field (Infosec Institute). It is like finding […]

  • Reverse Engineer Your Way to Modernized Code

    Many software developers are tasked with completely refactoring legacy code into new code bases using modern paradigms. An effective approach can be Model-Driven Engineering. With this approach, the old code is reverse engineered so that its functionality and hierarchy are fully understood. From this point of understanding, a clear model is formed. Then, as Rick […]

  • Performance benchmark of popular PHP frameworks

    There are many assumptions around performance of different PHP frameworks. I frequently hear strong opinions about superiority X over Y in this context. There are companies writing new PHP frameworks from scratch because available solutions are too slow for them. What does it really mean? Does the framework performance matters? Before answering this questions lets […]