Day: November 2, 2017

  • Wait, Do You Really Think That’s A YouTube URL? Spoofing Links On Facebook

    While scrolling on Facebook how you decide which link/article should be clicked or opened? Facebook timeline and Messenger display title, description, thumbnail image and URL of every shared-link, and this information are enough to decide if the content is of your interest or not. Since Facebook is full of spam, clickbait and fake news articles […]

  • Simultaneously Run Alexa and Google Assistant on Pi

    STORY Assistants-Pi Simultaneously run Google Assistant and Alexa on Raspberry Pi Before Starting the setup For Google Assistant Download credentials—>.json file (refer to this doc for creating credentials Place the .json file in/home/pi directory Rename it to assistant—>assistant.json For Amazon Alexa Create a security profile for alexa-avs-sample-app if you already don’t have one. Amazon alexa […]