Month: March 2020

  • Motile M142/M141 Reinstall THX after Clean Windows Install

    So, after a clean install, you’ll notice the THX is missing and there is no software provided by motile or THX on their website. To get THX back you have to follow this simple guide:   Read and follow the below steps carefully.   Before starting, please make sure that you have installed all available […]

  • Motile M141/142 unbrick laptop and reflash BIOS

    If you were ever in the situation like me, and the display wasn’t turning on. You might have realised that you have actually bricked your laptop while upgrading BIOS. The good news is, it’s still fixable and you don’t need solder anything. You will still need some tools and the basic skill to open up […]

  • Motile M142/M141 BIOS Upgrade Guide

    This guide is meant to upgrade Walmart’s Motile M142/M141. I’ll recommend doing it manually. Do Not use Windows to update the BIOS. My laptop got bricked and that’s why I’m here writing this.   Download Intel’s open source shell from the TianoCore UDK/EDK2 project. You’re gonna need a USB stick that you’re willing to wipe. […]