Backend Stability, Security, Switching servers and more….

After a long hard day, it looks like I am all restored now. I was waiting to get some time on my hand to switch servers. My time with the AWS has been bittersweet. Thanks for the sweet deal I was able to keep my website up for free for a good time (10 months?).

Although I won’t really recommend using anyone to go with their base EC2 server which is obviously the only server that you can get for free. I was constantly running out of RAM and server would just shut down. There’s even to SWAP partition which really makes the server run on fumes!

I am getting much better pings now. Have no outage and the resource utilization is average as well. This for now looks to be the better choice now.

Finally added the much-needed SSL certs to the site and we are running exclusively on HTTPS. Yay!


Ironed out a lot of CSS issues. Although there are still some issues I would like to fix but I’m happy with the day’s worth of effort!

Better pings, here I come!