Boot to Windows fix for all X98 Air II and X98 Air 3G devices

Download the file appropriate for your model:

V4-X98 Air II

V4-X98 Air 3G C5Jx

V4-X98 Air 3G C6Jx

V4-X98 Air 3G C8Jx

V4-X98 Air 3G C9Jx

“Any X98 device with problematic touchscreen

The .ZIP files linked above will add Boot to Windows functionality in Mirek’s V4 ROM to all Air II and Air 3G models.
Boot to Windows will function properly after applying this fix IF you have flashed
BIOS version 2.02.

This also installs the OsSwitcher App that gives you an icon that will boot you straight into Windows.

Extract archive to a Folder on your Host PC (with ADB drivers installed)
Connect X98 Air device to Host PC using USB cable.
Ensure USB debugging is enabled.
Browse to the Folder on Host PC and launch B2WinFix.bat
Once it detects your device it will let you continue by pressing a key
Your X98 Air device may display an SU dialog. If it does, you must GRANT SU privs.
Script is very fast. When complete press a key to reboot device.
When device reboots, OsSwitcher will be installed and functional