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  • [GUIDE] Root NVIDIA SHIELD Experience Upgrade v7.3 with Magisk v18.0

    This tutorial – especially Step 3 – has changed considerably. Please work through it carefully and report any issues to me immediately so I can help others. We are rooting the Shield Android TV (2017; 16GB SKU) running Android 8.0 (aka Oreo) on v7.2.2. Note: This uses a special patched bootloader and will not work […]

  • [FIX] Wrong Pin/Pattern when restoring TWRP Nandroid Backup

    When you create and restore a TWRP backup (as example because you tried out a custom ROM and saw that it’s not good) you’ll be greeted with: a) A “enter PIN before boot” screen b) A wrong lockscreen code (either PIN or Pattern) when booted to Android ———————— HOW TO FIX ———————— Simply boot into […]

  • Free eBook on Xamarin.Forms Enterprise App Patterns Published

    Post originally appeared at:   Microsoft has been publishing a series of free eBooks and accompanying blog posts providing guidance about .NET application architecture best practices, with the latest focusing on Xamarin.Forms patterns. Previous guidance addressed microservices architecture, containerized Docker apps and modern Web apps with ASP.NET and Microsoft Azure. The guidance consists of […]

  • Using Effects in Xamarin Forms

    The post originally appeared at: Developers can use Effects in Xamarin Forms to customize native controls and add some styling of their own. But why not simply use a custom renderer to achieve the same thing? While that is certainly possible there are some benefits to Effects. Why would you use Effects? Contrary to […]

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Lifetime license

    Just found out from somewhere than syncfusion is offering free license for lifetime which includes all the products. No Strings attached. Here’s the link. Please tell everyone there’s nothing better than getting everything for free with future support and everything legit too!