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  • How to connect to MongoDB using RoboMongo hosted on your VPS like digital ocean, vultr, AWS etc.

    So I finally decided to take my server online but not without a few hiccups. The problem is I wanted to begin with mLabs but somehow my firewall was blocking it. So I decided to host it on my server and connect directly into it. Installing it was not a problem. If you are used […]

  • Syncfusion Essential Studio Lifetime license

    Just found out from somewhere than syncfusion is offering free license for lifetime which includes all the products. No Strings attached. Here’s the link. Please tell everyone there’s nothing better than getting everything for free with future support and everything legit too!

  • How to Download a single folder, directory or partial repo from a GitHub repo

    Well, Most of the times I see hundreds of projects in a single repo. Now, if I don’t want to download a GB of code and then eventually use just 20mb of it. How is it fare? So I wanted to create a downloader for it. Turns out I’m a little too late. There are already a […]

  • Difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API

    Found this interesting article on Most people tend to think MVC and web api are the same thing. Well not really!   While developing your web application using MVC, many developers got confused when to use Web API, since MVC framework can also return JSON data by using JsonResult and can also handle simple AJAX requests. […]

  • Using Framer.js on Windows, Framer Studio windows alternative

    A question that regularly pops up in the Framer community is how to use Framer if you’re using a PC. Currently, Framer Studio is only available on a Mac but the Framer.js framework, that powers Framer Studio, is free and open source. That means if you’re using Windows, Linux or on a Mac but still […]