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    To restart Apache from the command line from a Amazon EC2 Instance simply type: /sbin/service httpd restart In case you get “permission denied” errors, you should try adding a sudo in front of the line, e.g.: sudo /sbin/service httpd restart These commands are no different. If you remember anything from your linux days. Just don’t […]

  • How to configure Cron jobs and use crontab to your advantage

    Linux crontab – run a command every minute To run a Unix/Linux crontab command every minute, use this syntax: # run this command every minute of every day to check apache * * * * * /var/www/ I created that entry when I was having a problem with Apache, and needed to run a test […]

  • How To Use Cron To Automate Tasks On a VPS

    How To Use Cron To Automate Tasks On a VPS   One of the most standard ways to run tasks in the background on Linux machines is with cron jobs. They’re useful for scheduling tasks on the VPS and automating different maintenance-related jobs. “Cron” itself is a daemon (or program) that runs in the background. […]

  • Ideal size of swap partition in linux

    There are no rules of thumb regarding the size of the swap partition, although some ancient ones (like swap=2xRAM) still are seen sometimes in the wild. Ubuntu, like any other Linux distro, will run just fine even without a swap partition, unless you run out of RAM. It depends solely on your usage of the […]