[FIX] How to Fix Cydia – Could Not Open File /var/lib/dpkg/status

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  1. Download and Install iFunBox.
    Plugin your iDevice when Finished.
  2. Head over to File Browser, and look for iBooks
  3. Extract the Cydia Fix.zip, and you’ll receive a folder ‘lib’, and a .IPA file.
  4. Drag the entire ‘lib’ folder, into the iBooks within iFunBox.
  5. Next, download and extract Cydia Impactor, and open the program.
  6. Drag the ‘MobileTerminal.ipa’ into Cydia Impactor and it’ll ask for your Apple Login.
    [IMG]The reason it asks for your login, is to make a temporary certification.
    This will allow MobileTerminal to actually run.
  7. Once it finishes installing the IPA, you’ll see the Terminal Icon on your Device.
  8. Head over to Settings > General > Device Management.
    Hit your Apple ID, then hit Trust, and Trust one more time.
  9. Next, make sure that your Device is in “Jailbroken” mode.
    Then open Terminal that we just installed.
  10. Once the app is open, type in:
    suThe password is:
    alpineIf done correctly, terminal will now show ‘/var/mobile root#’
  11. Next, type in:
    cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /varWhen completed, you’ll return back to ‘/var/mobile root#’.
  12. Next, type in:
    mkdir /var/log/aptAgain, you’ll return to ‘/var/mobile root#’
  13. Now, open Cydia, and go to your Installed Packages.
    If you have the Chinese PP app, uninstall it.
    [IMG]Don’t forget to uninstall iFunBox from your PC.

After you complete that last step, you’re good to go!
Enjoy Cydia and your Jailbreak