Lenovo Y410p / Y510p – unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod / vbios mod

I’m just going to put it right here. Taken from techinferno forum, they make you write “meaningful” posts in order to unlock there download. So here are the attached file and the guide copied from there. Because they deserve this 🙂

Download Link:



For those who don’t like the restrictions Lenovo put on their system, here’s a BIOS mod that will get you back at least some of the freedom you should have over your own hardware.




  • WLAN card whitelist removed, any (hardware-wise compatible) card should now work
  • hidden BIOS menus unlocked
  • VBIOS tweaked for more performance and better tuning possibilities


Keep in mind that not necessarily all of the BIOS options available with this mod will be fully functional, so use the new available settings with care.

If you’re unsure about something don’t change it and ask here, someone might be able to help.


Available for v1.07 / v1.09 / v1.10 and v3.05.

v2.04 and v2.07 added (only whitelist removal as for now)


If you have a different BIOS (or more specific, a BIOS newer than 3.05) I will need a copy of it in order to make it work for your system.


Instructions for flashing the modified BIOS v3.05:

You need a USB stick prepared to run DOS, here is a guide you can follow in case you don’t know how to do this:


Guide by @StamatisX – thanks!

  StamatisX said:
This is a simple way to make a USB flash drive bootable (i.e. if you want to flash your VBIOS)
  StamatisX said:
First download the attachment from below and extract it (i.e. on your Desktop)
Install the program and once done run it as administrator otherwise it will give you an error (right click on it and run as administrator)
Insert the USB flash disk you want to use as a bootable device
make sure you have the following selected
and press on the button with the 3 dots in order to define the location of the needed files (basically where you chose to unzip the file you downloaded)
Press start and after a while you are all set



>>> Before continuing make sure the AC adapter is connected to your laptop and your battery has at least 20% charge remaining. <<<


  • (0) – NOTE: This step is Only necessary if your system isn’t already using BIOS v3.05
    Update to the official v3.05 BIOS provided by Lenovo
  • (1) – Create a backup of your own BIOS (now v3.05) by using Fptw64 tool.
    Extract the files and run the included .bat file from an admin command prompt.
  • (2) – Download Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v3.05]_modified.zip and  put the files of folder [1] to the root of your prepared USB DOS stick.
    Let the BiosFixer prepare your BIOS for flashing by drag and dropping your backup file on it. Put the created “v305mod.bin” file to the root of your USB DOS drive as well.
  • (3) – Now you need to downgrade the firmware back to v2.07 (Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].zip) in order to flash the mod.
  • (4) – Boot from your USB DOS drive, when you see the command prompt type BIOS and hit enter. Wait until the BIOS is flashed (you can safely ignore warnings about non-existing regions).
  • (5) – Once the BIOS flash completed with no errors, type EC and hit enter. Wait until the EC is flashed. Then reboot.
  • (6) – Go to the BIOS setup menu, load the default settings, apply and reboot.
    Done. In case you’re using an ultra bay GPU follow the instructions in post #2 and flash the vbios..


NOTE: It’s crucial that you flash both, BIOS and EC. Having different EC and BIOS versions can in certain situations lead to issues.


IMPORTANT: If you want to go back to stock v3.05 you can do that easily by simply using the official update from Lenovo. That’s it, nothing additional required in this case.


Old instructions for users with v1.07 / v1.09 / v1.10 or v2.04 / v2.07 who for some reasons don’t want to update to v3.05:

  Reveal hidden contents


Video walk-through of bios settings (thanks @allstone):



Or just head over to the forum and use the attached file: