How to remove cydia tweak when cydia is crashing or safe mode is not working

With iOS9 jailbreak out, there are many tweaks which are not compatible with this version of iOS and if you are one of those who still dared to install the tweaks, chances are you screwed up, the phone is not restarting in safe mode, cydia is crashing and you are out of options.

So, here’s simplest way to do this.

Method 1:

Step 1. Download iFunBox.

Step 2. Open your phone under the “File Browser” tab.

Step 3. Now under your device in the side bar, navigate “Raw File System” to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ and delete the corresponding .plist and .dylib files.

Step 4. Restart your Phone.

Step 5. Profit.

But Oh wait, did your iFunBox said that your iphone is jailed?

Here’s the solution:

Method 2:

1. Reboot (unless your phone already is) by holding down the top button until the “Slide to power off” message appears.

2. Slide to power off.

3. Power on by holding down the top button again.

4. As soon as the Apple icon appears, hold down the volume up button. Hold until phone has fully rebooted.

5a. At this point you will be in safe mode and you can go to Cydia and remove the offending package. Note: All Cydia packages should be inactive at this point, though we’ve seen a few that continue to load anyway. Now here you can uninstall the tweak that’s messing with your phone. Also install these two packages “afc2add” and “Apple File Conduit 2”. This will make your phone jailbroken for iFuxBox. Now that you have iFunBox which is not jailed. Follow the first method and uninstall the tweak (incase the tweak was not listed in cydia using method 2).

5b. You can also install iFIle on your iphone and follow the same steps as of 5a. No need for pc/ iFunxbox then.

6. The next time you reboot without holding down the volume up button, you will be out of safe mode and your Cydia packages will load.