Resharper 9 shortcuts aka Cheatsheet

I’ve found this cheatsheet to be the best way to learn all the secret shortcuts in Resharper that really help to speed up development in Visual Studio and make life easier.  For months I had it pinned to my cube wall until I used them so much they’re muscle memory.

If you are coming from a JAVA background and have been using IntelliJ IDEA, use this:

If you are like me and a hard core visual studio user, use this:

If you want to change your shortcut scheme (or you aren’t sure what it’s set to), in the Visual Studio top menu go to Resharper –> Options –> Keyboard & Menus, then select “Visual Studio” or “Resharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA” and Apply Scheme and Save.  Then hit a shortcut like Ctrl+Shift+N and a menu pops up saying there’s a conflict in shortcuts and asks which scheme do you want to use.  Select “Visual Studio” or “Resharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA” and check the Apply to All.  You can switch to the other schema at any time.


Here’s an image for the visual studio layout.