Where to sit in Stamford bridge

This short and awesome article was written by Duke Von Hammer, at chelsea forum, I’m merely trying to spread it to fellow blue members.


I’m doing this as I realised alot of people ask the same question!I try to fly to the bridge 5-10 a season and I’ve been in every part.
Hope it will help you !

Where to sit at SB:

East Stand Lower: This is a family area so there will not be much noise,chants and no swearing Views are good if you are at the front but at the back they’re not so good. You’re pretty near the substitutes bench.
Overall Rating: 4/10

East Stand Upper: It’s the oldest of the stands, this stand is known to be super quiet! The stand is old and cramped…But the views are seriously AWESOME!Like on a 60″ flat screen TV.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10

West Stand Lower: This stand is large and modern!But it’s also very quiet but not as quiet as the East ones .Views are very good if you like to be close to the players and it’s near the entrance so easy access.
Overall Rating: 7/10

West Stand Upper: If you want the best views this stand is for you! The upper part very high up and the views are just pure class. It is where the “”higher class”” and “”tourists”” sit. The stand is very big and modern but it’s a little walk from the entrance. You get bad looks if you stand up too long or try and start a song,but still more noisy than the eastern stands.
Overall Rating: 8/10

Shed End Lower: It’s small and not to old,but it generates great atmosphere !Views are good if you want to be on the same level as the players
Overall Rating: 7/10

Shed End Upper: Awesome atmosphere!! Good Views and good sized stand!And you might be pretty close to the away fan’s,prefect for a bit of banter between fan’s (I love it).It’s one of my favourite stands
Overall Rating: 9/10

Matthew Harding Lower: The best!!the stand for the real fan’s,where the noise come’s from SB, but every one stand’s up for most of the game and there’s alot of swearing,pushing,jumping etc ,it’s a bit cramped and you need to get front-middle rows if you’re at the back the views aren’t so good ,you wont see the ball when it goes high.
Overall Rating: 20/10

Matthew Harding Upper: Behind the goal pretty Modern!Looking for good views and good atmosphere?This might be the stand for you . Not as loud or crazy as the Lower part of the stand but better views and still great Noise!
Overall Rating: 8.5/10