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  • Installing Nvidia driver on Kali Linux 2016.2 Rolling

    Well, last time we covered how to install nvidia drivers on Kali 2016.1 i.e. sana. This time I’m here to update it to the latest of the latest version. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow. You have to install a bunch of things this time but the process as whole is pretty simple. This time […]

  • Hackers, your favourite pentesting OS Kali Linux can now be run in a browser

    Specially for hackers : You can now run Kali Pentesting OS in your web browser This bit of news is going to elate hackers and security researchers. Kali Linux is one of the most loved distros by the security community and it is now coming to in your browser. Network security specialist Jerry Gamblin has […]

  • Installing Nvidia driver from source on Kali Linux 2.0

    Following the official documentation for installing Nvidia driver on Kali 2.0 didn’t work for me. I installed nvidia-kernel-dkms, disabled nouveau driver, and rebooted. Then I had an error saying Something went wrong.. and presented with only a logout button. I was unable to login to the graphical interface. So I dug every bit of information […]

  • How to set up the sources.lst on Kali Linux 2.0

    If during the installation of Kali Linux 2.0, you have chose to not use any network mirrors, chances are you  will be using a pretty basic version of the sources.lst file. For those of you don’t know, sources.lst file determines the software repositories from where you can install packages using “apt”. If you have a […]

  • Installing Google Chrome in Kali Linux 2.0

    Well, I just installed the latest Kali OS, I found out no guide out there is up to date. So here it is, I’ll try to write as much as possible.   Step 1: Get the deb file You need to download the Chrome .deb file to install on your Kali Machine. Go HERE and download the […]