Month: February 2016

  • Mega thread for Categorized List Of Security Tools

    Here is a list of various security tools. I will update this list with more tools since some categories are incomplete. It will be nice to have a list of categorized tools etc., Any one can post more categories and links to tools/scripts. Passwords HashGrab2 or or Evilzone’s tool info post HashGrab2,  written […]

  • Android Split Linear Layout in to two columns i.e. vertically

    If you want to split a Single Linear layout into a Two Columns(Like newspaper Columns). Here’s the layout for it. Use recursively as per your requirement:

  • Android split the layout into two parts, horizontally

    If anyone wants to split the android layout into two parts horizontally then use the below snippet.   You can recursively use this layout as per your requirement.

  • Lenovo Y410p / Y510p – unlocked BIOS / wlan whitelist mod / vbios mod

    I’m just going to put it right here. Taken from techinferno forum, they make you write “meaningful” posts in order to unlock there download. So here are the attached file and the guide copied from there. Because they deserve this 🙂 Download Link:!ZNskyT4b!e27HXeMTIjzJQ9ZGl50M5PJr7_8L9SEgwiwYh2rV7EU Guide: For those who don’t like the restrictions Lenovo put on their system, […]

  • All the benefits of being a student or just having one edu mail

    Dropbox -This service is very useful to anyone who has lots of files they want to store in the cloud. While anyone can get a free Dropbox account, there are limits on how much storage you get. With a .EDU email, you get an extra 500 mb of space, which translates to lots of photos or […]