Category: C# Hacks

  • Fix for Fiddler Not Capturing Traffic from Visual Studio Application

    This one line of fix is enough and will work a 100% for you. Just try starting Fiddler before starting your application. This helps the default configuration, whereby .NET applications pick up the system proxy when they start and are oblivious to proxy changes after they start.   I hope this helps!

  • Cards Layout in Xamarin.Forms – Never have Xamarin Forms looked so cool!

    All credits to the original author for doing this. Although I’m trying to extend it in the coming days, but props to Adam for finding this one out! Go to and follow his other tutorial as well.   The #1 request I get for the Xamarin.Forms in Anger is for a Google or Facebook like card view. […]

  • A software developer’s guide to clean code

    Software development is a tricky business. We spend most of our day breaking down complex problems into smaller tasks and then we write machine code. We often have to analyse code that someone else has written. We need to read so much documentation in order to get acquainted with a new API. Every day is […]

  • Top 10 Books Every .NET Developer Should Own

    Have you ever had a reference book that you HAD to keep near you? This list of must-have books are required reading and should always be within your reach. Everyone at one time or another reached for that specific book to find out how that one design pattern works or just needed it as a refresher […]

  • learn LINQ in 5 minutes

    Translating SQL to LINQ can prove difficult for new and experienced C# developers. This post contains common SQL queries written in LINQ. I hope it’ll serve as a reference when writing LINQ queries. I’ll use a MS SQL database and Entity Framework for my examples. However, these examples can be extracted to other ORMs and […]