cheapest wifi card for hackintosh laptop …… EVER… Less than 7$. Free international shipping.

So, Lot of people like me have a hackintosh all ready and set up and are usually missing just one very critical component of Hackintosh, that is, WIFI.

It’s not that the fix is hard (for some might be, modding and bios, maybe?) but its just for the cost involved. Why would anyone want to pay so much for something that is twice the price of the OS itself? So here’s the card that you all should buy:


It is the chipset BCM94322HM8L. You can get it from amazon for less that 7$!!!!

Now, if this becomes out of stock or becomes costlier, ping me I’ll help you get it for less that 7$. Shipping inclusive.


You can also google search the fore mentioned  chipset, I’m sure you’ll get ton of results as well. And what’s the cherry on the cake? No KEXTS required.!!! yes, It works out of the box. So what are you waiting for???