Hackintosh Clover’s BootArgs

Well, keeping it short. Couldn’t find all clover’s boot args, so here goes the list:

At this section you can add “Boot Flags” and “Kernel Flags” to be used by the system…
Here we will list only Clover’s proprietary “Boot Flags”, different flags, like for example,npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000, darkwake=0, etc…, should work as expected…
Flag Action
WithKexts Boot OS X loading System Kexts and ignoring kernelcache.
-v Verbose Boot.
-s Boot OS X into Single User Mode.
-x Boot OS X into SafeBoot (Safe Mode).
MountEFI=yes/diskX Mount EFI partition at every boot or from disk X (X = disk number).
LogLineCount=0 Set maximum number of lines for log file, default 0 (no Limit).
LogLocation=PATH Set the path for the log files to be saved.
LogEveryBoot=Yes/No Save log files at every boot.


Here’s a completish guide though:


Everything about clover can be found here:


Will be adding more with time.


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