Install Remix OS with Windows on UEFI PC/ Laptop Dual Boot

Needs : Remix OS EFI ISO, Remix OS USB Tool, EasyUEFI, and 8GB Pendrive

Step . 1 : Create partition minimum 8GB (Recommended) with Fat32
Step. 2 : Download Remix OS EFI/UEFI ISO File from
Step. 3 : Extract With Winrar, you have two file remix os ISO and Remix OS USB Tool
Step. 4: Run Remix OS USB Tool, Connect your Pendrive to Your PC/Laptop and Browse Remix OS File and Choose USB Disk Your Pendrive and Press Okay Button
Step. 5: Wait to Complete process. After complete process close Remix OS USB Tool.
Step. 6: Now open your Pendrive and Copy All File to Your Remix OS Partition (Previously you created in step. 1)
Step. 7: Now Download & Install EasyUEFI setup :

THe installer from there home page might not work. So here’s the link to the version which works flawlessly:

Download from easyuefi here : Link 1 : Link 2 :…Setup.rar.html Link 3 :…UEFI_Setup.rar  OR
Step. 8: Now open EasyUEFI, Click on Add new entry. check this image :
Step. 9: In Type section Choose “Linux or Other OS” check this image :
Step. 10: Type RemixOS (Whatever you want) in Description section. Check this image :
Step. 11: Select the target partition section, Select Remix OS Partition
Step. 12: Then Click on Browse Button, then click on + icon > Click on efi + icon > click on boot + icon > select bootia32.efi (for 32bit pc) or bootx64.efi (for 64bit pc) and click on OK button. check this image :
Step. 13: Now close EasyUEFI
Step. 1: Now Shutdown your PC/Laptop and Turn on using Boot Menu Key. There you can select Remix OS. After select Remix OS it will show Guest Mode and Resident Mode.

Congratulations, Now You can run Remix OS