Motile M142/M141 Reinstall THX after Clean Windows Install

So, after a clean install, you’ll notice the THX is missing and there is no software provided by motile or THX on their website.

To get THX back you have to follow this simple guide:


Read and follow the below steps carefully.


  1. Before starting, please make sure that you have installed all available Windows updates and have restarted your machine.


  1. If you’ve recently reinstalled Windows 10, please download and install the relevant Audio Driver and restart your computer. In order to install the Audio Driver, after downloading, you will need to uncompress the .7z archive. You can use this program to uncompress a .7z archive

    1. MOTILE M141 audio driver

    2. MOTILE M142 audio driver

    3. EVOO Gaming LP4 audio driver

    4. EVOO Gaming LP5 audio driver

    5. EVOO Gaming LP6 audio driver


NOTE: If you haven’t reinstalled Windows 10, or used the Restore function, you can ignore Step #2


  1. Once you’ve updated Windows and (if necessary) installed the Audio Driver, please click here to download the THX Spatial Audio background installer patch

Once you’ve downloaded the THX Spatial Audio patch, please click twice to install it. After it is installed, it will notify the THX server to send the appropriate build for your device to your machine and will auto-install it. Wait for a bit (maybe a couple of hours depending on your internet connection) for the background service to download and install the THX Spatial Audio application. You may restart your machine and that may speed up the process.


This should restore THX Spatial Audio. You can verify this by looking for (and launching) THX Spatial Audio from your start menu.


If, after waiting a few hours, THX Spatial Audio hasn’t restored itself, or if you are having volume issues, please follow these additional steps:


  1. Please right click on the volume icon in the system tray and select “Open Sound Settings”. Then ensure that for 

— Output “Audio (THX Spatial Audio)” is selected 

— Input “Microphone (3- Realtek(R) Audio)” or “Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)” is selected. 

NOTE: “Chat (THX Spatial Audio)” should never be selected for Output, it’s only needed when using a chat program (like Skype or Discord)

  1. Insert a pair of 3.5mm headphones into the headphone jack. leave them connected for a moment (and confirm that you are getting sound through the headphones). Unplug them and confirm the audio is now coming through the speakers.

  2. If that doesn’t work, please restart the machine WITH HEADPHONES CONNECTED, and repeat number 2


If you are STILL having problems, please:


  1. Close all applications running on your machine 

  2. Ensure that “fast boot” is disabled. For more information on how to do that, please read this article. 

  3. Finally, after ensuring Fast Boot is disabled, do a hard restart: hold the power button down until the PC turns off, wait 1 minute, and then boot up your machine.


At this point everything should be working properly.



New link for THX Update Service

THX Update Service Installation

The THX Update Service must be installed in order to retrieve the latest version of THX Spatial Audio for your device.


  • Right-click on the file and select Extract All... to expand the contents of the ZIP archive.

  • Click on THXUpdSvcInstaller.exe to install the THX Update Service and its associated system tasks.

    Upon successful installation of the Update Service, the latest version of the THX Spatial Audio Installer will be downloaded, extracted, and run in the background.