Oneplus 2 – Install A Custom Recovery On Your Device

If you haven’t unlocked the bootloader, check this out first:


OnePlus 2 TWRP Recovery | File: Recovery TWRP.img (25.3 MB)


PS: Don’t try this on OnePlus One any other device whatsoever!

> Enable USB debugging from developer options once again.

> Download the TWRP recovery file (Recovery TWRP.img) and SuperSU root package file fromabove.

> Transfer the root package file (SuperSU) to OnePlus 2.

> On PC, rename the TWRP file to this name: op2-twrp.img

> Boot your OnePlus 2 into bootloader mode. Just follow the first paragraph there. (Make sure you have backed up all important data as you’ll lose everything on phone in the steps below.)

> Connect your OnePlus 2 — in bootloader mode — to PC. Let the driver install.

Open a command window on your PC in the folder where you have the op2-twrp.img file.

You will see a command window open up, with location directed to folder where you have theop2-twrp.img file.

Let’s confirm whether fastboot is working. With OnePlus 2 connected to PC, run the following command in command window. You should get a serial no. with fastboot written after it. If not,you need to reinstall the fastboot drivers from above.

fastboot devices

> Flash TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 2 by running the following command.

fastboot flash recovery op2-twrp.img

> Boot TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 2 now. For this, run the following command.


fastboot boot recovery op2-twrp.img




That’s it. you’re done 🙂