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If you haven’t flashed a custom ROM, move over to


Now that you have a custom recovery, here’s how to root your stock ROM.


To Root OnePlus 2 > tap on Install menu, and then browse and select your SuperSU > Swipe toconfirm the flash



Once Done > Wipe Dalvik & Cache > Reboot System To Restart

To Confirm the root status using a root checker app from play store



4. How To Make A Nandroid Backup With TWRP Recovery

A nandroid backup is a very important thing to have before installing any custom software on yourdevice. It’s basically a backup of your stock system that you can fall back on if anything goes wrong or ifyou just want your stock ROM back. You can also use the backup tool to create a backup of your favourite ROM set up exactly the way you like it. The backup you create can be easily restored using the restore tool in TWRP recovery.

All you need to do is enter TWRP recovery, select the backup option from the TWRP home screen,check the system/data/boot boxes, and swipe to backup. The process will take a few minutes.





That’s it. your’e all set! Go go go!


If you haven’t unlocked the bootloader, check this out first:


OnePlus 2 TWRP Recovery | File: Recovery TWRP.img (25.3 MB)


PS: Don’t try this on OnePlus One any other device whatsoever!

> Enable USB debugging from developer options once again.

> Download the TWRP recovery file (Recovery TWRP.img) and SuperSU root package file fromabove.

> Transfer the root package file (SuperSU) to OnePlus 2.

> On PC, rename the TWRP file to this name: op2-twrp.img

> Boot your OnePlus 2 into bootloader mode. Just follow the first paragraph there. (Make sure you have backed up all important data as you’ll lose everything on phone in the steps below.)

> Connect your OnePlus 2 — in bootloader mode — to PC. Let the driver install.

Open a command window on your PC in the folder where you have the op2-twrp.img file.

You will see a command window open up, with location directed to folder where you have theop2-twrp.img file.

Let’s confirm whether fastboot is working. With OnePlus 2 connected to PC, run the following command in command window. You should get a serial no. with fastboot written after it. If not,you need to reinstall the fastboot drivers from above.

fastboot devices

> Flash TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 2 by running the following command.

fastboot flash recovery op2-twrp.img

> Boot TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 2 now. For this, run the following command.


fastboot boot recovery op2-twrp.img




That’s it. you’re done 🙂