Shortcut for Visual Studio Debug and Start New Instance

Visual Studio -> Debug – Start new instance shortcut

Yes, Its as simple as that.


Or If you want to save 5 mouse clicks every time. Continue reading…


Why do that? Because:
– it’s a pain in the bucket to find the console/windows/web application project in solution explorer with your mouse if you are having a tons of projects and you currently work in a library document
– you have to wait for all sorts of timeouts until the right click works due to sourcecontrol/source safe/team foundation operations
– you have to find the Debug item and Start new instance.
– sometimes in speed you might even click something else or move some project to another folder, etc.

What it does is:
– runs the start new instance of the Project selected.

How to use it?

Add in the Options dialog under Environment->Keyboard "ClassViewContextMenus.ClassViewProject.Debug.Startnewinstance" as a shortcut. This starts debugging on the current project.

Visual Studio Options Menu
Visual Studio Options Menu

Tested till visual Studio 2012. Working Fine