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  • Visual Studio for Mac – Introducing Visual Studio for Mac

    This article was published on Microsoft and was quickly taken down. I thought you guys might like it. At Connect(); in November, Microsoft is launching a preview of Visual Studio for Mac. This is an exciting development, evolving the mobile-centric Xamarin Studio IDE into a true mobile-first, cloud-first development tool for .NET and C#, and […]

  • Fix for Fiddler Not Capturing Traffic from Visual Studio Application

    This one line of fix is enough and will work a 100% for you. Just try starting Fiddler before starting your application. This helps the default configuration, whereby .NET applications pick up the system proxy when they start and are oblivious to proxy changes after they start.   I hope this helps!

  • learn LINQ in 5 minutes

    Translating SQL to LINQ can prove difficult for new and experienced C# developers. This post contains common SQL queries written in LINQ. I hope it’ll serve as a reference when writing LINQ queries. I’ll use a MS SQL database and Entity Framework for my examples. However, these examples can be extracted to other ORMs and […]

  • Pass Data from View to Partial View using session without using model

    One of the place I had to pass a value from a view to a partial view but I was not supposed to alter the model. Hence. I went back to the roots and used session to pass the value between the views. Whats important here is that, as it is a session value, you can […]

  • Shortcut for Visual Studio Debug and Start New Instance

    Visual Studio -> Debug – Start new instance shortcut Yes, Its as simple as that.   Or If you want to save 5 mouse clicks every time. Continue reading…   Why do that? Because: – it’s a pain in the bucket to find the console/windows/web application project in solution explorer with your mouse if you […]