Month: June 2016

  • Run 2 skype IDs on one Android Device

    Currently, we already have a thread for xpose module to help users to run mutiple Skype ID on their android here:…e-app-t2860388 I also followed that thread from October. However recently I just found out a small tip for who wants to run 2 skype id on same android device without xpose module. HOW TO: […]

  • Where to sit in Stamford bridge

    This short and awesome article was written by Duke Von Hammer, at chelsea forum, I’m merely trying to spread it to fellow blue members.   I’m doing this as I realised alot of people ask the same question!I try to fly to the bridge 5-10 a season and I’ve been in every part. Hope it will […]

  • El Capitan 10.11.5 and 10.12 sierra direct link generate and download

    Although there is no official way to download OS X El Capitan from outside the Mac App Store [MAS], we have found a reliable workaround for those who are facing similar issues with the OS X upgrade. Page Contents 1 Installing El Capitan 1.1 OS X El Capitan [Direct Download] 2 Is this method Genuine? 3 […]

  • Installing Nvidia driver on Kali Linux 2016.1 Rolling

    Well, last week we covered how to install nvidia drivers on Kali 2.0 i.e. sana. This time I’m here to update it to the latest of the latest version. The tutorial is pretty easy to follow. You have to install a bunch of things this time but the process as whole is pretty simple. This time […]

  • Hackers, your favourite pentesting OS Kali Linux can now be run in a browser

    Specially for hackers : You can now run Kali Pentesting OS in your web browser This bit of news is going to elate hackers and security researchers. Kali Linux is one of the most loved distros by the security community and it is now coming to in your browser. Network security specialist Jerry Gamblin has […]