True Universal Android ADB drivers

I’ve tried a lot of android’s adb drivers and honestly it’s not easy to install. Recently I tried to install Oneplus 2/x driver on my system which somehow messed up my android’s sdk and somehow corrupted every app that I made using it. The problem is that these drivers mess up the adb_usb.ini file which we are not supposed to modify (This makes me post about how to solve this issue).

So here it is:

Android USB UnifL

Among other projects, is developing so called Androidadb-USBUnifL Driver.

Those drivers are based on latest Google adb-USB Drivers and aimed to support wide range of Android devices.

Key benefits of adb-USBUnifL drivers as follows:

1. Latest Google adb-USB driver

2. Wide range of already supported non-Google Android devices.

3.Androidadb-USB UnifL driver is using private certificate, that means you don’t have toenableTest Mode“.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Now go test it out!