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  • How to Restore Amazon Fire HD 8/10 to Stock Firmware

    Fire 10 HD is a successor to the Fire HD from Amazon and comes with upgraded features. Besides serving as an eBook reader, it has all the features found in an Android device. Moreover, it comes with Android Lollipop firmware. As the tablet runs on Android OS, it can be manipulated and modified with custom […]

  • Run 2 skype IDs on one Android Device

    Currently, we already have a thread for xpose module to help users to run mutiple Skype ID on their android here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xpos…e-app-t2860388 I also followed that thread from October. However recently I just found out a small tip for who wants to run 2 skype id on same android device without xpose module. HOW TO: […]

  • Your android smartphone’s battery gauge is lying to you (and it’s not such a bad thing)

    I realize that much of this is common knowledge on XDA. Still, every day I see people post about how their phone “loses” 10% as soon as it comes off the charger. I also have friends who can’t understand why their battery drains so quickly. Trying to explain this to people without hard numbers is […]

  • How to install/extract android ndk on Mac OS X

      1. When you to open “android-ndk-r10c-darwin-x86_64.bin” with “Archive Utility.app” or other app. 2. Then you’ve got “android-ndk-r10c-darwin-x86_64.bin.cpgz”, OH! Crap it’s not extract but archive .bin to .cpgz extension. Warning!! extracted file take more disk space up to 3.55 GB on disk [Solution 1] recommended!! 1. open Terminal then type “chmod +x [path]/android-ndk-r10c-darwin-x86_64.bin” and press “Enter”, after […]

  • Android Split Linear Layout in to two columns i.e. vertically

    If you want to split a Single Linear layout into a Two Columns(Like newspaper Columns). Here’s the layout for it. Use recursively as per your requirement: